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Prince William County Virginia is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the hottest political battlegrounds in the United States. And, it's a well-earned reputation. In election after election, as PWC goes, so goes the State of Virginia and the Nation. That's probably why Barack Obama selected Prince William County for the final stop in his 2008 run for President. The rally was held at the fairgrounds in Manassas and over 100,000 people showed up.

2012 is a hot political year nationally, in Virginia, and maybe most especially in PWC. We may be the epicenter of an enormous national struggle. Expect hundreds of millions to be spent here on various advertising and campaigns, etc. We are already seeing way too many political commercials on TV!

Prince William is also becoming more significant politically as its population grows and becomes increasingly diverse. The county has shown a strong independent streak that allows for fairly wide swings in votes, between Democrats and Republicans, each election year.

Like most of Virginia, PWC has trended Republican in recent years in local elections. 4 of its 5 State Delegates are Republican as are 6 of the 8 Supervisors in the Board of County Supervisors. 3 of the 5 State Senators are Democrats, with the bulk of the County represented by long-time State Senator Chuck Colgan, who happens to be the most conservative Democrat in politics in Virginia having sided with the Republicans on key abortion and budget votes.

In State and Federal races, the person the county votes for, whether Democrat or Republican goes on to win the race.

There is much speculation that Prince William County will trend Democratic over time as it gradually becomes more and more like it's neighboring county to the North, Fairfax County. Time will tell on that. But, it does seem a plausible hypothesis.

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