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Question About Prince William County?

Do you have a question about Prince William County, Virginia? If you submit it here, other visitors can read it; answer it; learn from it, or otherwise comment on it. An e-mail address is not required.

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which county agency is monitoring info on West Nile virus? 
I found 2 dead birds on my property and was wondering if the county is checking this for West Nile virus purposes.

can you bury deceased animals/pets on your property?? 
Please can you tell me if it is legal to bury your deceased animals on your property?

Better Business Bureau in PWC? 
Does Prince William County have a Better Business Bureau?

What are the zip codes for patriot high school and piney branch elem. homes 
I am trying to find a home where my kids can go to patriot high school and piney branch elem. but I don't know what areas to be looking in. Karin Quincy …

Residents vs Employees in Prince William County 

prince william county better business bureau?  
Does PWC have a Better Business Bureau. If Yes, how to contact BBB?

Dale City 4th of July Parade Contact 
Who do I need to contact to participate in the Dale City 4th of July Parade?

PWC real estate tax 
How is my real estate tax calculated? What factors are included?

What is the Edward Kelly Leadership Center designed for? 
Can you tell me anything about the Edward Kelly Leadership Center?

police commissioner 
who is the police commissioner or chief of police for prince william county?

Places to hold receptions? 
Looking for a place to hold a reception for about 150 guests on October 8th. Looking in the Dale City, Woodbridge, Dumfries and even Lorton area. Thanks! …

Mom of a Resident-to-Be of PWC 
My daughter will be moving to PWC to teach in Woodbridge. Where should she actually rent an apartment? She needs a safe neighborhood without a long commute …

The best elementary school in prince wiliam county 
What is the best public elementary school in Prince William County?

weedon/weeden African Americans in Prince William Co, VA 
I am at a loss to connect w/any AA/Natives w/the WEEDON/WEEDEN surname or any various spellings of the same (I am working w/26). Believe that my family …

Question about Lake Montclair 
I live in Manassas and I am looking for somewhere for my son and I to go not to terribly far from here for a day. Do you have to live in Montclair in order …

Where is African-American One Room School House?  
Good Morning, Where is the African American one room school that was recently open to visitors? I know it is somewhere in Prince William County but …

People and Best Schools in Prince William County 
When did Prince William County come about? It's named after the British son of Princess Diana, correct? What are the type of nationalities there? …

Where can I obtain an "Oval Sticker"? 
I've been in zip code 22192 for 3 years now. I asked for an "oval place sticker" or something from Prince William county to display my origin on my vehicle. …

Where is the link for current job openings? 
Where is the link for current job openings for PW county?

vickie Not rated yet
How can i find volunteer opportunities in the county?

Land Development Plans Not rated yet
Is there a site I can go to to check on what,if any,county developments, improvements ,roads or other county developments might affect a piece of property …

How many pet dogs can be kept in one household? Not rated yet
I live in Haymarket located in PWC. How many dogs can a noncommercial pet owner have in one house? Is there a distinction for hunting dogs vs companion …

Accessing Referenceusa at Library Not rated yet
Several months ago I had no issues accessing referenceusa through the prince william library site. Now I can't seem to access reference usa. I do have …

woodbridge and lake ridge middle school Not rated yet
Hi,i'm a middle school parent and im concerned about where my child is going to go next year. what i want to know is if woodbridge middle school is a …

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Concerned about dog sign posted at local elementary school Not rated yet
I am a current resident, homeowner, and tax payer of Prince William County. Throughout the past school year the county has decided to post a sign on the …

volunteers to drive senior citizens?  Not rated yet
I am trying to find volunteers to drive my Aunt to Doctors appointments and physical therapy appts. She is in her late 70's. So is there any program …

Building setback regulations for RPC zoning Not rated yet
I've searched the site and found a setback regulations form that included all zoning except RPC. Anyone know off hand what the setbacks are for …

Volunteer Organizations Needed to Help Senior Christian Couple - Montlclair VA Not rated yet
A senior Christian couple that both have kidney disease need your organization to assist them with a variety of their needs. They are very independent, …

Gas Allowance for Volunteers Not rated yet
Hi, the News & Messenger had an article today about gas allowance for volunteers. How do I find out more about the program for Retired and Senior Volunteers? …

4th grade teacher Needs PWC SPCA Info  Not rated yet
Hello, I'm not sure that I am sending this to the correct place, but have had difficulty finding the SPCA email in which I could send a question. …

What is the largerst city / town in Price William County? Not rated yet
Question: What is the largest city / town in Price William County, VA? Answer: Interesting question. I think it comes down to one of two …

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