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Are you looking for a lawyer in the Prince William County, Virginia area? If so, what kind of attorney do you need? Do you need a criminal lawyer, a divorce attorney, a medical malpractice lawyer, or maybe you simply need someone to help you find justice in an accident case or some other form of negligence.

What qualities do you want in an attorney? Of course you want an attorney who has spent a lot of time in court. And preferably one who has won more cases than they have lost. You want a legal counsel who will fight for your rights, no matter what kind of litigation you are facing.

You probably want a lawyer who is honest, and will present your argument with dignity and integrity. Or you may be looking for the king of lawyer as portrayed in the old W. C. Fields movies with the sign over the desk which reads "A. Shiester, Attorney At Law." A solicitor who will stoop to any low to win the case, and the money.

Of course not all lawyers are shiesters, though many people think of them as such. But no matter what character you are looking for in a lawyer, you want an attorney who is affordable. A counselor who is within your budget, and if hopefully who won’t charge you anything if your case is lost.

You want someone you can talk to. A lawyer who is not always at a meeting, or the golf course, but who has time to visit with you face to face. An attorney who consults you personally as opposed to sending a paralegal to gather your information.

But do you want a firm with a lot of partners that handles tons of litigation a year, or a lawyer who takes one case at a time and puts every ounce of energy into that case. While the power of a big firm may appeal to you, you might have more luck getting an appointment with an independent litigator.

Is location important to you? With the wide variety of public transportation available in Prince William County, you should have no problem getting to your attorneys office wherever it is. And with eight major highways; Interstate 66, Interstate 95, U. S. 1, U. S. Route 15, U. S. Route 29, State Route 28, State Route 234, and Prince William Parkway, getting anywhere in Prince William County should be a breeze.

Are you looking for an attorney who graduated from Harvard, Yale, or Princeton? Or will a graduate of Northern Virginia' own George Mason University do?

So if you are looking for an attorney in Prince William County, Virginia, no matter what kind of lawyer you need, research all the attorneys that Prince William County has to offer. See which one is right for your legal needs, then give that attorney a call and set an appointment for consultation, and see how a good lawyer can help you.

The Prince William County Bar Association offers an attorney referral or locator service. You can read more about that at Prince William County Lawyer Referral Service.

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