Prince William County Fire and Police

Moving to a new town means you will be doing business with a new set of partners. You will be shopping at new stores and finding new forms of entertainment. Moving probably means a new bank, new account numbers and probably a new debit card. A new school or two is common with a move also. With a new home you may also be in the market for a top notch home security system like that from reputable companies like Livewatch alarm monitoring. It all takes time, meeting new faces, getting new phone numbers and new friends. Try, however, to find the time to become acquainted with the Prince William County VA fire and police departments.

Just having their phone numbers handy is going to be enough for some, for others, remembering the number 911 is good. Yet others will want to know a little about these departments and who will be responding should you ever need to call. It does not hurt a bit to stop by the nearest police station and fire department, walk in, say hi and have a look around.

The population of Prince William County is over 400,000 persons. That is a lot of people that could, at any time, need the services of the police or fire departments.

Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue is more than ready for any emergency. It has been around since 1966 and is the third largest in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

To provide Prince William County with the highest level of service the department is divided into three separate sections. The Community Safety division is in charge of reducing fire hazards through codes and code enforcement. The Operations department takes care of fires and emergency medical situations. The Systems Support department operates behind the scenes and makes everything function according to plan.

Prince William County VA fire and rescue services are staffed by both career members and volunteers. This group operates out of 20 fire stations to provide service throughout the county.

One name all new Prince William County VA residents soon learn is that of Sheriff Glendell Hill. His territory includes the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park and the towns of Dumfries, Occoquan, Quantico and Haymarket.

You should have a good sense of security being in Sheriff Hill's country. His office was the first in the Commonwealth of Virginia to be accredited by the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission. With a staff of around a hundred full and part time employees the department works closely with all the local police departments.

Take the time to get to know some of the people who might possibly be protecting you or saving your life someday. You never know when you might need the assistance of the Prince William County VA fire and police departments, or the dedicated staff from Glendell Hill's office.

We have contact phone numbers and directions for various police and fire stations in Prince William County listed on the specific articles linked to below. However, of course, that contact info does change from time to time. For the most current phone numbers, directions and ways to contact a fire or police station, please visit their official sites at PWC Police Department Contacts or PWC Fire Department Contacts.

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