Prince William County Animal Services

Prince William County has a tremendous array of animal services. We have links at the bottom of this page to many of them. There are two major animal shelters in the county. They are the Prince William County Animal Shelter, located off of Route 234 and the Manassas City Animal Adoption Center.

Here are the addresses, maps and websites to help you find either of these shelters:

Prince William County Animal Shelter

Address: 14807 Dumfries Road, manassas, Virginia 20112

Phone: 703-792-6465



Prince William County Animal Shelter Map & Directions (click on marker for your personalized directions)

Manassas City Animal Adoption Center

Address: 10039 Dean Drive, Manassas, VA 20110
Phone: (703) 257-2420

Manassas City Animal Adoption Center Map & Directions (click on marker for your personalized directions)

If you want to adopt an animal at the Prince William County animal shelter, here's the PWC Animal Shelter Adoption Form you will need to fill out and sign.

The main focus of the various animal services in the county is, of course, to deal with the problem of unwanted, stray, animals. They can become rabid and dangerous if left uncared for. So, the county has in place various ordinances that govern the requirements and licenses you need to have a pet. You can find much of this information at PWC Animal Control and Shelter Info. You will find information about Prince William County leash laws; spaying and neutering requirements; animal license requirements; rabies vaccination requirements; dog bite information, etc.

Most all of the rules and requirements boil down to common sense. Take care of your pet and be considerate of your neighbors when walking your dog or otherwise exercising your pet. If people did those simple things -- 99% of the problems would never happen.

The other thing we'd ask is that if you want a dog or cat, you seriously consider adopting one at one of the county animal shelters. There are many dogs and cats in real need of a good home. So, why buy one (and possibly encourage the growth of the "puppy mill" industry) -- when you can save money and truly do a good deed by adopting a pet in need?

To learn more about Prince William County animal services visit:

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