Justice in Prince William County

Justice has become a big issue in Prince William County, Virginia. Of course there are a number of "justice" issues that percolate in our community. I'll just focus on the most current ones. Everything discussed on this page happened here in the past year or two. You'll see that justice is a big issue in PWC.

The two biggest, local, justice "hot buttons" are the issues of homelessness and illegal immigration. The Prince William County and Manassas area has gained notoriety in both these areas.

We have become nationally known for our role in the immigration debate. Our current County Board Chairman Corey Stewart has become something of a national spokesman for "cracking down" on illegal immigration. He has appeared often on CNN, Fox News and other national news outlets.

We have a video debate below over whether the immigration crackdown Corey Stewart led was just a political ploy to gain him votes and publicity.

In fact, the immigration controversy in Prince William County led to making of movie called 9500 Liberty which was about how the anti-illegal immigration law came to be in Prince William County and the impact it had on the community. The movie shows how the debate was dominated by extremists and how most citizens were uninformed and uninvolved in the process which led to the law being passed.

Amazingly, that movie, based on what happened in PWC, was crucial to formation of the Coffee Party in the United States. Check this out:

A movie was shown in Manassas about how another community (Shelbyville, Tenn) was affected by the immigration debate.

A great local resource that provides immigration assistance is Just Neighbors.

Another huge local justice issue has been homelessness. Recently local news outlets, even the Washington Post, covered the story of homelessness in Prince Willliam County.

Residents have been asked to speak out about our local ten year plan to end homelessness.

Of course, as is the case everywhere these days, even in a relatively prosperous county with many good jobs, a debate rages about the justice of our economy today. Do workers earn a "just" wage? Do the rich get more than they "deserve." Here's a great commentary on that by Jeanette M. Rishell.

The national spotlight returned to PWC (regarding a justice issue) when the Westboro Baptist Church decided to demonstrate in our community against homosexuals.

Recently, the environment has become a "justice" issue for many. Here's an interesting opinion piece called Polluter Pays Principle Meets Public Opinion.

If you are looking for a church committed to social justice, I think you have one clear choice in Prince William County. That choice is St Paul's United Methodist Church in Woodbridge. I've looked around and can tell you St. Paul's stands out as the church in this area most committed to doing things to support the needy, to justice and mercy, in our community. For example, St. Paul's hosts "Just Neighbors" clinics for immigrants in need of assistance in becoming contributing members of our community. The church also showed the film 9500 Liberty. They do lot's more too; you should check them out. [By the way, I'm not a member so I'm completely unbiased.]

So, what do you think about the issue of justice in PWC, VA? Please comment below.

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